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Experienced Fairfax Defense Attorneys Handling Reckless Driving Cases

A reckless driving ticket in Fairfax County can jeopardize driving privileges that most people take for granted.

Are you dealing with reckless driving charges in Northern Virginia? The skilled traffic violations defense attorneys of Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, can help.

Martin P. Hogan and Michael T. Pritchard work as a team to put this crisis behind you and keep you on the road. Their in-depth knowledge of the court process and aggressive advocacy have made a positive difference in many lives during their 50 years of combined experience.

Mr. Hogan and Mr. Pritchard are also well-aware that many people live in Maryland and commute to Virginia or Washington, D.C., every day. Public transportation can be an option for some people, but for individuals who do not live on a mass transit route, having a valid driver’s license is critical.

You are probably wondering if you will lose your driver’s license or commercial driver’s license (CDL) — and therefore your ability to earn a living. Additional charges could be doubly troubling, such as one for driving without a license. You also need to know if these charges can be challenged effectively, and if you qualify for a restricted driver’s license.

Arrested For Reckless Driving? Let Us Help. We Know The Law.

In Virginia, a Class 1 misdemeanor conviction can carry an especially harsh punishment for reckless driving. The person convicted could be sent to jail for up to 12 months, fined a maximum amount of $2,500 and a six-month loss of your driver’s license.

For individuals who drive for a living — including cabdrivers and professional motorists with CDLs — any type of infraction can leave them on probation or cause them to be terminated from their positions. At Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, we focus on minimizing the impact of traffic tickets of all kinds, mounting effective defenses and negotiating skillfully to have charges reduced or dismissed.

For example, if you were charged with driving on a suspended license, were you given proper notice? Can the state prove that you had knowledge of the suspension? If not, we may be able to have the charges dropped — so you can resume driving, getting to your job and providing for your family.

Learn More About Your Rights. Schedule A Free Consultation.

The experienced reckless driving defense lawyers at Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, can help protect your rights and your future. For a free confidential initial consultation to discuss your issues and charge a course of action, call us in Fairfax today at 703-552-4014 or send an email message.