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Skilled Juvenile Defense Representation For Fairfax And Beyond

Juvenile courts are different from regular courts. Regardless of the misdemeanor charges a teenager is facing, it’s important to work with an attorney who has experience providing attentive, knowledgeable juvenile representation.

Whether you need sound legal guidance in Juvenile and Domestic Relations (JDR) court or at a school board hearing, the Fairfax County juvenile court lawyers at Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, can provide the counsel you need.

Martin P. Hogan and Michael T. Pritchard have spent 50 collective years aggressively protecting the rights of underage clients and their loved ones in Fairfax, Washington, D.C. and beyond.

Our skilled criminal defense law firm offers juvenile representation in a range of matters, including JDR court, delinquency hearings, school board hearings; disciplinary hearings that determine reinstatement, suspension and expulsion; criminal investigations; and Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations.

Many young adults are interested in trying everything, often without giving much thought to the long-term consequences. Therefore, you the parent and we as a law firm have to remain mindful of them, and diligent with a minor’s representation.

We defend juveniles facing disciplinary action for violation of student codes of conduct, drug possession, on-campus criminal activity, traffic violations, underage drinking and underage DUI.

For today’s students, college applications are more important than ever. The way a student answers questions on an application can change his or her future. In some situations, disclosing an arrest in high school could prevent a student from being accepted at a university. In other situations, if a college learns about a conviction that was not disclosed on the application, the student could be disciplined or expelled.

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You owe it to yourself and your son or daughter to seek experienced counsel at this difficult time. It’s critical that you work with lawyers who are familiar with the process. Learn more about the representation we offer by scheduling a free initial consultation.

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