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The Facts You Need To Know About DUI Penalties And Defenses In Virginia

If you have been arrested for DUI, you deserve straight talk from any lawyer representing you — the facts about punishments that await you upon conviction, defenses that can be employed in court and realistic assessments of your chances for success.

At Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, those facts are stated fully and clearly from the very beginning of our working relationship, at your initial consultation.

Martin P. Hogan and Michael T. Pritchard provide the benefits of their 50 years of combined experience — and personal qualities such as candor and compassion — when your rights and reputation are under assault.

When conducting a drunk driving defense in Fairfax County, we feel our clients should know the range of serious DUI penalties that await them upon conviction, primarily jail, fines and driver’s license suspension or revocation, followed by strict probation terms and increased premiums that your insurance company may choose to inflict.

In the case of breath test refusals at DUI arrest scenes, no restricted driver’s license is possible and a third offense means permanent license revocation.

Experienced Northern Virginia DUI Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

If this sounds like an uphill battle, it is. However, as your lawyers, Mr. Hogan and Mr. Pritchard investigate every aspect of your arrest, and exploit every factor that can go wrong when law enforcement misconstrues its probable cause to stop and question you.

Erratic driving can be mistaken for drunk driving when the effects of inclement weather, bad roads, a motorist’s pre-existing medical condition or vehicle malfunction are witnessed by police. Additionally, field sobriety exercises are often too strenuous. Breath testing equipment can misfire, resulting in distorted blood-alcohol content readings.

Discuss Your DUI Today. Free Consultations.

If you feel that any of these factors played a role in your DUI arrest, you should contact our Fairfax law offices immediately so we can begin investigating what you went through. This consultation is free. Call Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, at 703-552-4014 or via email.