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How Can I Put An End To Sexual Harassment At Work?

Going up against a powerful employer to put an end to sexual harassment is never easy. You deserve to level the playing field by having an experienced team of employment law attorneys represent you.

At Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, we help workers throughout northern Virginia who have experienced sexual harassment. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in complex employment law matters, including gender-based harassment and discrimination.

Why Hire An Employment Lawyer?

You might feel hesitant about contacting a law firm, especially if you fear losing your job. However, working with an employment lawyer has many advantages. For instance:

  • You have a tight deadline to file a claim, and the process is incredibly complex.
  • Your employer almost certainly has its own team of lawyers ready to protect them.
  • An attorney ensures your employer does not take advantage of you.
  • An attorney explores all your options for legal recourse.
  • An attorney can tell you what to expect and remove fear from the process.

Having handled numerous sexual harassment claims successfully, we understand exactly what it takes to file a timely complaint that meets the many administrative requirements.

Experience On The Other Side

We offer a rare perspective because we have represented many employers in employment law issues. As a result, we understand how they approach sexual harassment claims. This helps us undermine their strategy by anticipating their moves and targeting their weak spots. Whether attending an administrative hearing on your behalf or appearing in court, we have the breadth of experience necessary to protect your rights.

Learn More About Your Options In A Consultation

The sooner you contact Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, the better. We will immediately evaluate your claim and explain your rights. Contact our law office in Fairfax to schedule an initial consultation. To begin, please call 703-552-4014 or send us an email.

A fee is charged for all consultations. During your visit you will have the ability to thoroughly discuss your case with an attorney, review documents, and receive answers to pertinent questions.