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Can financial woes jeopardize your federal security clearance?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Security Clearances For Federal Employees |

When you hold a federal security clearance, intense scrutiny evaluates your trustworthiness, reliability and loyalty to the United States. One critical area investigators examine is your financial history and stability.

Financial troubles can affect anyone, often due to unforeseen circumstances. However, if you have a security clearance or are applying for one, you need to understand the potential implications of your financial situation. While not every financial hiccup will result in clearance loss, significant financial issues can appear as red flags.

Financial stability matters

If you are seeking a Secret or Top Secret security clearance, you need to fill out form SF-86 and get fingerprinted. As part of the background check, the FBI reviews your credit history. Financial stability plays a large role in determining whether you can maintain or receive federal security clearance. Financial problems might make investigators think that someone could easily bribe or pressure you. Moreover, chronic financial irresponsibility might make them question your judgment and reliability.

If you face a lot of debt or have a history of late bill payments, this can appear as a potential vulnerability. People with high debt levels might seem more willing to compromise sensitive information for financial gain.

Possible ramifications

Experiencing a major financial setback like bankruptcy does not automatically mean you will lose your clearance. How you handle the situation matters most. If you take proactive steps, work toward resolving your debts and show responsibility in managing your finances, your clearance status might remain unaffected.

However, you can expect more severe repercussions if you hide your financial problems, dodge your obligations or consistently show financial irresponsibility.

If you face financial issues, you should tackle them directly. If you anticipate a financial review, prepare to explain your circumstances. Be honest and transparent. Show that you have created a plan to manage or resolve your debts. Consider seeking financial counseling or assistance to help get back on track.