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Signs of sexual harassment at work

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Employment Law For Employees |

In the wake of the MeToo movement, companies and individuals are becoming more aware of what sexual harassment at work may look like. However, it is also sometimes difficult to recognize because some forms are more subtle.

Become familiar with recognizing less overt instances of sexual harassment at work.

Frequent physical contact

If you have encountered someone who makes frequent physical contact with you, pay attention to how you feel about it. For instance, someone may go from a pat on the back to a cup of the shoulder to a hand that lingers far too long. Some of the most subtle harassment comes in the form of close talkers, constant brushing past with the body and finding ways to consistently make physical contact.

Oversharing information

There is a time and place for people to make personal connections, and the workplace is often a frequent one. However, people who make it a point to overshare inappropriate and intimate details about their home life, sex life, or dating habits cross lines. This is especially true if you feel like the same person or persons bring it up around you.

Online connections

A coworker starting to follow you on social media may not feel like a big deal, but in some cases, this may become a form of sexual harassment. For example, that person may screenshot your photos and posts and share them with others in the company. Constant comments about your appearance that begin online may jump into the workplace.

The main thing to remain diligent about is how a person’s actions at work make you feel. If there is a measure of discomfort with your interactions, you should seek the help of someone with experience in workplace sexual harassment.