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Illegal discrimination takes many forms

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Employment Law For Employees |

In the workplace, it is very important to understand your rights as an employee. Whether you do not receive overtime pay that your employer owes or you struggle with the aftermath of a wrongful termination, these violations can cause high levels of stress, negatively affect your finances and even shatter your career. Discrimination is another serious problem, and this continues to shatter the careers and lives of far too many workers.

It is pivotal for employers and workers to understand that workplace discrimination takes a number of forms.

Types of unlawful workplace discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission goes over various examples of illegal discrimination. For example, an employer cannot discriminate against a worker or job applicant because of their sex, religious beliefs, disability, national origin, genetic information or age. Discrimination could involve the owner of a business, a manager or a co-worker.

Examples of unlawful discrimination in the workplace

At work, discrimination can occur in different ways. For example, a qualified applicant could find themselves rejected due to discrimination. Discrimination could involve the failure to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or disability. Harassment that results in a hostile work environment could violate the law, and it is also illegal for employers to retaliate against workers who take action over discrimination or participate in an investigation or suit.

If you have experienced discrimination for any reason, you need to take action in a firm and confident manner. Do not let concerns about retaliation (such as losing your job or becoming demoted) silence you, and make sure you gather as much evidence and information as possible.