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Representing clients throughout Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

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Skilled Defense Representation In Marijuana Possession Cases

Have you — or your college-age son or daughter — been arrested on charges of marijuana possession or possession with intent to distribute in Northern Virginia?

You have rights that must be protected. For the almost 35 years of their combined experience, Hogan & Pritchard, PLLC, attorneys have worked hard to protect those rights for their clients every day.

For example, with thorough investigation and persuasive negotiation with prosecutors, a distribution of marijuana charge can be reduced to simple possession, bringing a potential lengthy jail sentence down to practically nothing. An offense first thought to be a felony may actually be a misdemeanor case of first-offender possession.

Other lesser charges could be dismissed outright. You can count on Martin P. Hogan and Michael T. Pritchard for this kind of effective representation after a drug arrest. Our attorneys know the law, know the jurisdictions and the judges who work in them — and know the General District Court process from start to finish. They arm you with facts you need that can lead to sound decisions about your future.

Best of all, we know how to get results. Mr. Hogan and Mr. Pritchard look closely at the circumstances of your arrest for any sign of police procedural error such as an illegal search and seizure. These kinds of tactics can result in evidence that is inadmissible — it cannot be used against you and must be suppressed. Every fact that does confirm your side of the story will be revealed in court if a trial is necessary.

Put our law firm’s years of successful service, personal attention and track record on your side, starting today, if you face charges of marijuana possession.

Skilled Fairfax Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Rights Against Cannabis And Marijuana Possession Charges

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